Conscious AI for immersive realities

We are fostering engagement and delivering personalized experiences through deep understanding of the user

Our value

Evolwe AI is a deep tech company that offers a developer platform for creating communication and AI powered gaming experience for immersive realities that will bring life, engagement and personalized approach.

Evolwe creates AI which is closest to the human in terms of providing empathy, reasoning and cognitive skills.

1. Brains for Avatars, NPC’s and Virtual Humans

Create behavior and conversation for interactive AI avatars, Virtual Humans, Digital Influencers that can act and speak like humans. A wide base of real user profiles formed the basis for training Evolwe. This enable the creation of lovable characters whose realistic and expressive personalities and communication style are designed to mimic the deeply social nature of human interaction. Generate smarter behavior in NPCs by allowing them to become more adaptive to player’s style and respond to game conditions in more creative and distinctive ways as the game continues.

2. Personalized gaming experience and communication for a player

Analyze through audio and text in real time the quality of the game, player’s profile, emotional state, level of stress and behavior and personalize experience for the player immediately. Evolwe AI gets feedback from players state, moves, playing style, in-game decisions, appearance, and techniques, and create the gameplay and script according to that.

3. AI companion for a player

Its much more fun to play with a companion or a friend. Evolwe AI can create AI companion for each player to play together, share experience and provide assistance and relevant information.

4. Generating game content

Create interactive narratives based on previously learned storylines and using Evolwe text generation system. Integration of AI-driven adventures and infinite possibilities where players can enter any action and progress through the game by typing their inputs and directing AI to create unlimited content for their character to interact with.

5. Train your own AI character

You can create your own AI character and brains for existing avatar through training for a specific communication and behavior style.

How it works?

Evolwe AI deeply understands players and powers dialogues with personality, can be used with any character design and implemented into any platform.


Deep understanding of the player

Evolwe AI understands the user's traits, emotional, and psychological states through the way they text, and aggregates this data with the user's profile and behavior.


Personalize experience

Personalize communication for a user, based on his unique profile. Suggest, products, services and even create a new gameplay specifically tailored for user’s needs. Evolwe AI powers conversations with empathy and adapts to user’s current mood. It creates strong bonds with a user and increases engagement


Deep understanding of the player

Evolwe AI understands the user's traits, emotional, and psychological states through the way they text, and aggregates this data with the user's profile and behavior.

Where to use?


Through Evolwe AI's creation of an AI assistant for a player, which plays together with them, adapts to their behavior, and communicates based on the player's mood and traits.

Metaverse Platforms

Evolwe AI creates virtual humans through - integration to existing characters allowing conversation that brings more fun


New level of customer support - with more empathy

Go forwardCreatearrow a personalized experience in immersive realities

Why do you need evolwe avatars?

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AI with empathy and personality
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AI that understands deeply user’s traits, emotions and behavior
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AI that can make independent decisions
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AI that recognize user’s patterns and needs
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AI that communicate based on the knowledge about person

Who are we?

Behind every technology of the future there are real people who create this future.

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Aliya Grig

Founder CEO
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Konstantin Sokolov

Senior NLP engineer
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Igor Shatalin

Lead NLP engineer
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Maksim Lein

ML Engineer (NLP)
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Marina Potryaskova

Product manager
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Victoria Agapitova

B2B sales and investor relations manager
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